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Quantum growths dynamically and has permanent demand of professional software development engineers. You are welcomed to our development office in Kharkov. Please send your CV to

open vacancies:

Content Marketing Manager Kharkiv, Ukraine Full-Time

Why you should join our team:

Career in data science

Career in data science

Data science is our core focus of Quantum. We provide research as well as embed data science methods in commercial projects. We propose excellent career opportunities for people who would like to reinvent the world with newest technologies


We are welcome students and switchers interested in data science area career.

What we propose:

  • interim program to start work in commercial projects
  • mentoring with experienced data scientists
  • excellent environment for professional growth.

How to start:

  • if you already have any experience in data science, just send us your story written
  • if you don’t have any experience, please write you story anyway. We will share your personal educational plan with you. After it’s fulfillment if you are not disappointed  in AI, please send us your CV and test results.


You are welcomed in the data science department.  You will have a chance to be the part of talented people’s community working with very new technologies and interesting projects.

How to start:

  • please send us your CV.


We are highly interested in cooperation with people, who would like to monetize their experience and be involved in innovative projects for leading worldwide companies.
We propose various models of cooperation on project base, part time, etc.

How to start:

  • please send us information about your expertise in data science and we will connect you for further discussion.

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