Taking advantage of engineering resources and data science practices, Quantum provides development of complicated solutions are customized to meet customer needs.
Utilizing virtualization technologies we deploy scalable and high performance solutions  to serve thousands user simultaneously.

Platforms and technologies: Python and Java stacks for development.

1AI integration

Empower IT solutions with AI technologies. Integration with search engines, machine learning algorithms, chat bots, etc.

2Geobased applications

Introducing geo search capabilities, integration with OpenStreetMaps and Leflet and other geo API.

Building of comprehensive solutions using satellite and drone images for agriculture, geodetic,  landscape and terrain surface tasks.

3D modeling using Lidar, optical cameras.

Technologies and platforms: GeoDjango, Leflet, geobased libraris, point clouds.

3Big Data

Building real time and batch processing pipelines, data analysis and visualization.

Technologies and platforms: Hadoop, Apach Spark on Amazon EMR, Cassandra, Mongo DB